Sustainability out of tradition

As family businesses, we traditionally have always thought about the following generations and take our responsibilities towards our children and grandchildren seriously. We are constantly evolving and collectively developing concepts on how we can operate and act in a more environmentally conscious and climate-friendly manner.

For us, it is not just the changes we have already implemented that count, but the opportunities and challenges ahead of us.

Our material

Plastic is a valuable material that is taken from the environment. Because of this we minimize our material consumption and recycle materials where possible. We have increased our recycling rate from 5% in 2010 to over 50% in 2020.

Our power

When making investments, we pay close attention to environmental sustainability. In 2015, we invested in a heat recovery system that allows us to heat all buildings without generating further emissions. In addition, our new, energy-efficient injection molding machines require less energy.

Our packaging

Plastic packaging is an essential part of every day life. We contionously make an effort to save material by using recycled granulate and the thinnest packaging possible. We work on plastic-free packaging solutions with our partners.

Our staff

Our staff is the most important part of the company. Due to more digital processes we reduce our use of paper. Further, we offer an e-bike leasing programm to support a climate friendly commute to work.

Our quality

Part of our sustainability promise is the longevity of our products. The quality of our work is always at the highest level, so we can ensure that our customers can use the products for a long time and avoid regular replacement.